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Euforia V39

Euforia V39

Length: 5.5 in./14 cm. Girth: 4.75 in./12 cm.

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Experience premium, heated pleasure with the Euforia V39 Vaginal Vibrator. Just like the rest of our Euforia Products, the V39 delivers the best in quality and features. The perfectly contoured shaft is coated in silky soft silicone, while the beautiful 18-karat gold plate brings you to a new level of luxurious bliss. Enjoy three breathtaking speeds and nine pulsing patterns. And when you’re ready to turn up the heat, Caleo™ technology delivers tantalizing warmth. Enjoy in the bedroom or the bath for an exceptional pleasure experience.

Length: 5.5 in./14 cm. Girth: 4.75 in./12 cm.


● Satisfying Features: 3 speeds, 9 pulsing patterns, all enhanced with the Pure Romance-exclusive Caleo™ heating technology.
● Powerful Sensations: The specially crafted motor delivers intense vibrations with minimal ambient noise.
● Comfort and Pleasure: Premium silicone provides sensual touch for vaginal use, while its contoured shaft, heated raised massaging surface, and ergonomic design comfortably target your pleasure.
● Cutting-edge Technology: Every element is crafted with premium quality materials and processes, including injection-molded aluminum and 18-karat gold plating
● Sensual Heating Element: Pure Romance-exclusive Caleo™ heating technology enhances each vibration with tantalizing warmth, up to 104°/40°C, for a new dimension of pleasure.
● Water Play: Every Euforia product is bath-friendly and can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
● Truly Discreet: The product’s charger can be embedded into the box to allow for safe storage while charging. A one-touch travel lock prevents the device from powering on accidentally.
● Run Time: 2 hours (high) to 4 hours (low), charge time: 4 hours, standby: 90 days.
● Warranty: All Euforia products include a one-year limited warranty.
● Measurements: length: 5.5 in./14 cm; girth: 4.75 in./12 cm.


Prior to first use
Your Vaginal Vibrator will arrive partially charged and unlocked. Fully charge your product prior to first use to ensure optimal battery life and performance. The original packaging for your product also serves as a discreet charging station.

To charge
Place the magnetic charging tip into the base of the custom-fit foam, running the cord through the opening in the back of the packaging. Place your product onto the metal charging nodes to secure the charging connection, then plug in to a USB port. Replace the lid on your Euforia box to charge your product discreetly. Light(s) illuminate and flash during charging. Once product is fully charged, light(s) turn off.

To use
Always use your Vaginal Vibrator with a generous amount of Euforia Water-Based Lubricant. Press the up button to cycle through 12 unique functions. Press the down button to return to a previously selected function. To power off, hold any button for 3 seconds or cycle all the way down with the down button.

Caleo™ Heating Technology
To activate the Pure Romance-exclusive Caleo™ heating technology, press the thermometer button and allow 3-5 minutes for the product to reach its maximum temperature of 104°F/40°C. To turn off, press the thermometer button. Always ensure the heating element is switched off before storing.

Travel Lock
To activate the travel lock, press and hold any button for 5 seconds until the LED lights under each button flashes. Repeat this step to disengage the travel lock.

To cleanse
Cleanse before and after each use with Euforia Cleansing Mist, then store in your Euforia box or bag.

Premium Silicone and 18K Gold Plating over Aluminum; Length: 5.5 in./14 cm; Girth: 4.75 in./12 cm; Charging Time: 4 hours; Max run time low: 4 hours; Max run time high: 2 hours; Standby: 90 days.

To protect your investment in pleasure, store this product inside your Euforia box. The box’s foam is coated with Bioshield® 75, an EPA-approved surface protectant that helps prevent the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria.

Cleaning and Storage:
Wash before and after each use. To clean, rinse under warm water and spray with Euforia Cleansing Mist. Re-rinse under warm water and lightly polish dry with a lint-free cloth.

The original packaging for each Euforia product is designed for discreet storage. Each Euforia box includes a drawstring pouch that can also be used for storage. The foam inside each box is coated with Bioshield® 75, an EPA-approved surface protectant that helps prevent the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria. Your user manual and drawstring pouch can be stored underneath the foam in each box. To prevent wear to the product’s 18-karat gold plating, always store in the provided box or pouch. Note: Always ensure your product is completely dry before storing.

Care Instructions

To promote the longevity of your Euforia V39 we reccomend the following:

  • Use a water based lubricant like our Just Like Me.
  • Clean with our Cleansing Mist, before & after each use.
  • Store separate from other toys in our anti-microbial Toy Tote.
  • Use a 5W or less charger; avoid fast chargers & remove when fully charged.

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