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Frequent Flyer Door Swing

Frequent Flyer Door Swing

Instant Position Aid

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Welcome aboard your non-stop flight to paradise. The Frequent Flyer Door Swing fits in any doorframe for bedroom acrobatics that’ll take partner play up to a whole new level. Have a seat, position the straps, and you’re ready for take-off. Move in ways you never imagined or ask your co-pilot to take hold of the seat to angle your hips for ultimate satisfaction. Your Mile-High Club membership awaits.


● Installs in a doorway at home or a sexy getaway
● Adjusts to fit all heights and holds up to 300 lbs./136 kg.
● Allows for a variety of positions—sit in the seat and slide the lower straps under your ankles or thighs, then use the upper straps as hand grips
● Soft, padded seat and straps for comfort that you or your partner can move or adjust
● Easy to take down and roll up for quick storage


Place the bars over the top of the door, then close and lock the door to secure the straps. Adjust the seat height with the strap locks, then use the seat and position the lower straps under your ankles or thighs. Use the upper straps as hand grips as needed.

What's Included

● Door Swing
● Instructions

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