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How To Build A Sex Room Combo

How To Build A Sex Room Combo

Instant Position Aids

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Onyx Blindfold:
Experience the thrill of anticipation with this midnight-black blindfold. Cover your eyes with silky satin, then submit to ecstasy when sight is taken away and every other sense is amplified.

Onyx Handcuffs:
Get all of the pleasure and none of the pain with these soft silicone Onyx Handcuffs. Designed with a supple and smooth silicone, these handcuffs give the look and binding power of traditional leather cuffs and eliminate any unwanted discomfort from tough leather. The buckle closure makes it easy to fit wrists of all sizes. Metal loops let you play however you like, and a removable lobster clasp provides varying levels of restraint. Take control—or give in to control—with the Onyx Handcuffs tonight.

Frequent Flyer Door Swing:
Welcome aboard your non-stop flight to paradise. The Frequent Flyer Door Swing fits in any doorframe for bedroom acrobatics that’ll take partner play up to a whole new level. Have a seat, position the straps, and you’re ready for take-off. Move in ways you never imagined or ask your co-pilot to take hold of the seat to angle your hips for ultimate satisfaction. Your Mile-High Club membership awaits.

Bed, Bondage, & Beyond:
Transform your bedroom to a bondage playground in minutes with this sultry restraint system that delivers endless possibilities for pleasure. Slide the adjustable straps under any size mattress and position the soft cuffs anywhere you desire—try the head and foot of the bed for a sexy, stretched-out position or the sides of the bed for a tempting, spread out pose.


Door Swing:
● Installs in a doorway at home or a sexy getaway
● Adjusts to fit all heights and holds up to 300 lbs./136 kg.
● Allows for a variety of positions—sit in the seat and slide the lower straps under your ankles or thighs, then use the upper straps as hand grips
● Soft, padded seat and straps for comfort that you or your partner can move or adjust
● Easy to take down and roll up for quick storage

Bed, Bondage, & Beyond:
● Explore new positions as the system sets up at the sides or head and foot of the bed
● Long straps adjust to any height and work with any size mattress
● Padded cuffs make for a comfortable fit around every size wrist or ankle
● Soft material easily tucks under the mattress for discreet storage

Onyx Handcuffs:
● High-quality silicone is soft and comfortable
● Adjustable buckle closure fits a range of wrist or ankle sizes
● Waterproof and nonporous
● Maximum circumference: 11 in./27.5 cm
● Width: 2.25 in./5.5 cm

Onyx Blindfold:
● Eliminates sight to elevate other senses
● One size fits all
● Perfect introduction to bondage play
● Accessorize with handcuffs, nipple clamps, or other bondage accessories for a full-on experience


Door Swing:
Place the bars over the top of the door, then close and lock the door to secure the straps. Adjust the seat height with the strap locks, then use the seat and position the lower straps under your ankles or thighs. Use the upper straps as hand grips as needed.

Bed, Bondage, & Beyond:
Simply slide the restraint straps under any mattress and position the soft cuffs to head and foot or sides of the bed. It sets up in seconds and fits any size mattress.

Tip(s): Discontinue use immediately if undesired discomfort or pain occurs. Always use responsibly.

Onyx Handcuffs:
Wrap cuffs around wrists, adjust if needed, and fasten to secure. Attach lobster claw clasps to rings as desired.

Tip(s): Avoid securing the cuffs too tightly around the wrists. Discontinue use immediately if undesired discomfort or pain occurs. Not to be used for extended periods of time. Always use responsibly.

Onyx Blindfold:
Place over eyes and adjust straps as desired.

What's Included

  • Door Swing
  • Instructions
  • Bed, Bondage, & Beyond
  • Onyx Handcuffs
  • Onyx Blindfold

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