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Just One Touch

Just One Touch

Length: 9 in./23 cm. Width: 2 in./5 cm.

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Awaken desire with your touch! Enhanced with touch-responsive technology, this versatile wand vibrator awakens on contact! Elevate your pleasure with 6 pulsing patterns and variable vibration intensities controlled with a swipe of your finger, then tease your way to ecstasy using the ridged silicone massager to tantalize the vulva, clitoris, testicles, and more!

Length: 9 in./23 cm. Width: 2 in./5 cm.


● Touch Sensor Technology: This toy is embedded with contact-responsive sensors that only vibrate when touching your skin.
● Includes a dotted sensor bar that allows you to customize the intensity of each vibration with a swipe of your finger
● 6 pulsing patterns and variable vibration intensities • Flexible massaging head moves with your body
● Massager enhanced with a ridged texture
● Long, ergonomic handle for easy use
● Rechargeable, bath-friendly design
● Compatible with replacement charger PureCharge USB Cord – C
● Run time: 2.5 hours (low) to 2 hours (high), charge time: 2 hours
● Length:9 in./23 cm. Width: 2 in./5 cm.


This product may arrive partially charged. Before use, charge completely. To charge product, use USB power cord provided and insert charging pin into the circular indentation on bottom of product. Light illuminates and flashes during charging. When product is fully charged, light stops flashing and remains illuminated.

To turn on, hold button for 3 seconds, light illuminates to indicate product is on and in standby mode. Skin must be touching textured area on the massager to activate each function.

To cycle through pulsing patterns, push button. Vibration intensity has three settings: low, medium, and high. Vibration intensity starts at the low setting and can be increased to medium and high. To adjust vibration intensity, swipe to the right to increase and left to decrease. Each swipe will increase or decrease the intensity by one setting. Vibration intensity can be adjusted during any function.

To turn off, hold button for 3 seconds. After 30 minutes of no use, product turns off to preserve battery life. Light turns off to indicate product is off.

Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.

What's Included

● Just One Touch wand
● USB Charger Cord

Care Instructions

To promote the longevity of your Just One Touch we reccomend the following:

  • Use a silicone based lubricant like our Just Like Me.
  • Clean with our Cleansing Mist, before & after each use.
  • Store separate from other toys in our anti-microbial Toy Tote.
  • Use a 5W or less charger; avoid fast chargers & remove when fully charged.

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