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Tempt & Tease Dice

Tempt & Tease Dice

Couples Foreplay Dice

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Take the night to the next level with Tempt & Tease Foreplay Dice. This set comes with 3 dice to direct you and your partner through an enticingly good time. Roll to discover an action—like kiss or lick—a body part—like your partner’s neck or inner thigh—and the amount of time to tempt and tease them. Then it’s time to switch.
This game is perfect for couples who want to spice things up a little and explore each other in ways big and small.


● 3 white and red dice

● Dice showcase 8 actions, 8 body parts, and 6 time limits


1. Roll to discover the action, part of your partner’s body, and length of time.

2. Follow the dice: set a timer and perform the action where they tell you to.

3. When time is up, it’s your partner’s turn to roll.

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