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Tickle & Whip

Tickle & Whip

Feather & Tassel Play Whip

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Who do you want to be? The intense lover who takes control in the bedroom? The gentle partner who longs for gentle lovemaking? Tickle & Whip lets you be both. With rubber strands on one end and soft feathers on the other, this versatile toy is ready for whatever mood strikes you.


● Soft, faux feathers for gentler play
● Small tassel of rubber strands for stinging sensation
● Perfect for fantasy play


Tickle and whip across your partner’s body with attention to erogenous zones. Discontinue immediately if undesired discomfort occurs. Avoid using excessive force to help prevent injury to the skin.

Tip(s): Discuss comfort levels with your partner before use. Discontinue use immediately if undesired discomfort or pain occurs. Always use responsibly.

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