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Tie Me Up Tape

Tie Me Up Tape

Self-Adhesive Bondage Tape

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Take control or sweet surrender? You decide with this self-adhesive bondage tape. Perfect for BDSM beginners and experts alike, Tie Me Up Tape sticks to itself (not your skin!) so it’s easy to use and remove. Restrain wrists, ankles, or anything you like and indulge in your sexiest all-tied-up fantasies.


● Perfect for wrists, ankles, and anything you desire 

● Self-adhesive material sticks to itself and not your skin or hair

● Easy to use—tear at desired length and simply unwrap to remove

● PVC material that’s both phthalate-free and latex-free

● 49.25 ft./15 m


Wrap around wrists or where desired, tear or cut, and press end against tape to adhere. To remove tape, simply unwrap. 

Tips: Tie Me Up Tape does not stick to skin, wrap tape around itself to adhere. Tape should restrain but not constrict! Check in with your partner and make sure everyone is comfortable.

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